Friday, July 15, 2016

Review Day: Ryan Revisited by Sam Davis

I am really impressed by this hidden gem. A pager turning story of a young woman trying to find herself. Venturing off to college for the first time, Ryan is trying to impress her father, who has been extremely limited in her life. It’s not her personality to take part in sorority life, but she feels a need to prove herself worthy of his love. However she finds its hard work to appeal to someone who doesn’t care.
Ryan is followed by her longtime friend/ ex-boyfriend, Manny, to U South. All Manny can do is watch as their freshman year of college leads to his love to the path of destruction. Ryan is lead to believe these new girls in her life are all her friend. However, some of them are just really good liars. While it takes not being able to recognize herself in the mirror, Ryan figures out where she messed up, that she wasn’t herself anymore. She had been pretending to be something she wasn’t. Trying to fit in, when she had somewhere she fit perfectly.
This book truly gripped my emotions and pulled me in every direction possible before giving me what I needed. Hidden behind a girl finding herself, is a girl in love and that always keeps me wanting more. Sam never failed to let me down and I am so happy I had the chance to meet her and encounter this amazing book. If you have not picked up the book, please do. You’re missing out on such an awesome story that needs to be shared. Follow the links below to get you copy of Ryan Revisited by Sam Davis NOW!

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