Saturday, July 9, 2016

Book Review Day!

Kaelia Falling (Mortiswood Tales Book: 2)

Since I'm a day late on my book review, today I give you two! Stay tuned on Fridays for more reviews! You'd miss these books otherwise! #IndieBooksBeSeen

Gina Dickerson is one of my all-time favorite indie authors. Kaelia Falling was no exception. The pages kept turning as I was sucked in to the second book of the Mortiswood Tales book series. Thrilling action and colorful words keep a readers imagination into the book, consumed with the feelings of Kaelia’a power. Telling everyone what a small world we live in, and that other realms carry dark entities that are hunting for a new world to overthrow.
Kaelia is looking for her one true love, which will release her true power, to fight the evil trying to take over. Taking her on a wild adventure that never ceases to twist and turn. Which is part of the reason I couldn’t stop reading! Evil creatures, shapeshifting into anything, called Draugr’s, are looking to suffocate our world as we know it. Known for bring the stench of rot with them everywhere they go. Vallesm, large wolf like creatures, exist to protect our main gal. Then revealed they are people too, only taking on this shape when needed.
Keeping strong and learning who she can, and cannot trust, is a hard lesson to learn when trying to take in the fact that you’re being hunted. Keeping her friends are by her side the whole time. All willing to protect her life with theirs, knowing how important she is to the earth. However no one does it quite like Kaelia. She has become a hero to me and this will definitely be a book I’ll be talking to all my friends about.
About Gina:
All her links and the book link are listed in the description below, so please go get a copy of this book ASAP. Gina also has tons of other amazing books to check out as well, so there is something to fit every genera in the NA world. This brilliantly, impressive woman calls Kent, England home with her beautiful family and handsome huskey. Yes I love her dog too. Gina is a dear friend of mine, meeting her through a mutual friend and blog tour host, I never fail to find great things to say about her and her work. I just know that soon we will be seeing her books on the shelves of stores here in the US very soon.
Need More?
Here are all the links you need to get addicted to Gina’s work;
Twitter: @GinaDWriter

Yellow Winged Stranger

Imran Usman, an upcoming indie author, who found me on twitter. He offered me the chance to review his work, and I was happy to help. Living in the Middle East, he enjoys writing in the most unique way possible. In the case of the Yellow Winged Stranger, this is definitely a different type of work. Inspired by a butterfly, he wanted to connect humans to this beautiful insect (one of my favorites).  Imran writes, but happens to listen to the world around him, a little more than he writes. Hoping that from this story you will learn not to judge someone so harshly.
Now in this book you meet Ethan, a man with his life on the line. Ethan was adopted and felt different and disconnected from his family from the start. The town believes that he is a serial killer that they have been tracking for years, although he would have only been a teenager when the murders started. The book focuses on the trial he is undergoing for a recent murder.
This tale keeps you in debate throughout the whole book to the innocence of Ethan. However, another twist in this tale will have you completely baffled at the end. I mean I was really thrown off by the twists in this book. I did have to take time in reading this book. A few grammar differences between the US and India might be different, however I still felt I was able to enjoy the book around this fact.
If you would like to check this book out for yourself, please follow the links below and show your love for good books. Now get out there and read something!

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  1. Thanks for a lovely review, Jenn, I am so pleased you enjoyed the book!