Thursday, November 2, 2017

Long Time, No Review!

Hi book lovers! Sorry for the delay! I've been busy opening my bookstore and finishing my novel! Welcome November with open hearts, and lot of reading!! Today's review comes to us from Natalie Boucher, a college student here in town, and a good friend of mine! She asked me for a good read and I had to point to The Night Touched Chronicals. An amazing book by Maegan Provan! Well, let's see what Natalie thinks!
Book Review: Night Touched Chronicles by Maegan Provan
Book 1 Celine
The Night Touched Chronicles: Book 1 Celine by Maegen Provan breathes new life into the extensive genre of vampire fiction. A mystery laced with forbidden romance Maegen draws readers into the elegantly dark world of Harper the last night touched vampire, or so she thought.
Discovering another night touched like herself in danger, Harper jumps into action starting a rescue mission disrupting her and her two vampire friends comfortable living. Along the way Harper begins finding clues about her past while trying hard to not fall in love with the enemy. Prepare yourself for a fast paced action book with just a little spice, leaving you craving more. As Maegen Provan enraptures you with her fresh twist on Vampires.

Thanks so much Natalie!!! Maegen will LOVE to see this!!! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Jarod Meyer
About the Author
Jarod Meyer is a newly emerging author signed with Autumn Arch Publishing. His new science fiction fantasy adventure series "William of Archonia" follows the mortal and immortal life of a man who did not have good opportunities on earth but will find his place in the heavenly paradise known as Archonia. 
Jarod attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in creative design. After two years of writing as a hobby Jarod found his own distinct voice and began his own adventure of creating a fictional version of the afterlife using prominent religions and mythologies throughout the history of mankind.
Jarod hopes that his series will strengthen people's own personal faith while helping them understand other people's point of view. Ultimately he hopes that everyone will enjoy an adventure that will fill them with wonder.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Christian Connett

I AM: Inspired, Aware, Motivated
True stories of overcoming abuse, heartache, and self-indulgence

My new book, "I AM: Inspired, Aware, Motivated" is almost complete! This book features the most open, honest, and raw that I have ever been. The stories and allegories are very real, and the insight is not only very meaningful but also more in-depth than anything that I have previously written.

I am excited about this next project and I am looking forward to feedback and input from my readers.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Brenda Scott

Have you ever had a dream but needed the courage to take that first step? Discover how God worked through one woman’s talents to turn her dreams into reality.
Life has often been a series of hurdles and obstacles for Brenda Scott that could only be overcome with her unwavering faith and constant determination for continuous improvement. This self-taught artist found her way through many art mediums with no formal training but was instead empowered by many strong, creative women along the way. Learn lessons of humility, gratitude, patience, and forgiveness as she takes us on a journey of her lifetime path of art and creativity.
Discover how her goal to become a successful artist led to the biggest project of her life: renovating her old country Victorian home. It became a major undertaking that would test both her spirit and her resolve to see the process through to the very end. Savoring country life while taking on the challenges of that renovation taught her the beauty to be found in the ordinary, everyday life all around her on the acreage. Through this endeavor she began to realize that she was on a course that would determine who she was as an artist and that the real restoration project was within herself.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Michele Shriver

Michele Shriver writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her books feature flawed-but-likeable characters in real-life settings. She’s not afraid to break the rules, but never stops believing in happily ever after. Michele counts among her favorite things a good glass of wine, a hockey game, and a sweet and sexy book boyfriend, not necessarily in that order.
Four women, once best friends, have not spoken to each other in ten years. A drunken, decade old promise and a class reunion will bring them together again. 

For Jordan, her lofty dreams now a distant memory and her life at a crossroads, a reunion with her one-time friends offers a chance to make amends and start anew, but only if she can avoid falling back into self-destructive habits. 

After years of struggling with her identity, Sarah has found personal and professional contentment. Will she finally have the courage to reveal the secret she hid from her friends? 

Beth thought she was on the verge of having at all, but after a personal crisis now risks losing it all. In order to face her future, she must first find a way to let go of the past.

Tracey is still searching for happiness and approval. Will she find what she is looking for at the reunion, or leave stronger because she doesn't?

A story of forgiveness, acceptance, the bonds of friendship and the age old question of whether you can go home again.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Dakota Trace
I'm a busy mother of three
, that spends all her free time writing erotic fiction. I'm a published author with nearly fifteen novels and numerous short stories and novella length stories under my belt. When I'm not working in retail or clacking away on the computer, I love to garden and read.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Andrea Rodgers
Yes, I'm one of "those people" who has always been a writer. :) I wouldn't exist without the "writing" part of me--it's what makes me who I am. I told stories from my earliest days and my favorite childhood activity was going to the library to check out books. I read and wrote every day--at restaurants, as a passenger in the car, and while my parents shopped at stores. It was common for me to disappear at family gatherings and be found writing somewhere.

As a pre-teen, I recruited a couple of my friends to create a group called The Writers Club to write shorts stories and critique each other's work. In high school, I became editor of my school's literary magazine and had articles published in the local newspaper--but I wanted to touch lives through books as they had for me, so I was devastated to learn that being a novelist wasn't a "real job." I put my passion on hold when I went to Iowa State University, majored in journalism and mass communication, and enjoyed hosting an entertainment show on the campus TV station. English was my minor so I wrote for my college magazine and had several articles published in a newspaper where I interned for two summers.I graduated in 2002 and worked in both television and radio for the next few years. In 2003, I married my college sweetheart, had a son in 2008, and a daughter in 2011.
My life-long ambition never wavered, though. I joined the Romance Writers of America in 2005 and submitted my first manuscript in 2006, followed by another in 2007. After publication fell through, I took a hiatus to be a stay-at-home-mom, but re-joined the RWA in October 2013 after my oldest child started kindergarten. Every November, writers are encouraged to join NaNoWriMo (write 50,000 words in one month). I'd never participated--but decided to try. Although it wasn't a romance like my previous books, an inspirational story came to me in a dream so I immediately got to work. It was literally a "dream come true" when I was offered a contract in December 2013 for The 20th Christmas. The novel was released at Barnes & Noble on October 1, 2014. . .and on November 6th I was ranked an Amazon Best Selling Author when The 20th Christmas reached a #3 spot. On Black Friday it reached the Top 10 list again (#8 Christian Fiction) and a third & fourth time in December 2014.
In 2015, I signed a contract for my second novel, Caged Dove, about a woman who returns to her hometown after being gone for fifteen years - and a dramatic chain of events weave her life with a teenage girl.I spent 2016 with my youngest child (rather than publishing another book), since she starts kindergarten in the fall of 2017 - but my goal is to write 2-3 books a year from then on. I hope you will stay with me! Thank you!
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
Twenty years ago, Aniston Kline learned that childhood rhyme wasn't true after being bullied in junior high. Now a newspaper reporter, Aniston returns to her hometown-a place she thought she would never return to-prepared to write an article about a boy's story that echoes her past. Aniston wants nothing more than to slip in and out of Savanna Shores unseen and unrecognized by anyone who might still remember her; however, a brutal snowstorm ushers her into town and leaves her stranded in a snowstorm with her high school crush, Arjay.
Arjay Mason was once the handsome quarterback of the high school football team. Now a police officer in Savanna Shores, he has yet to find lasting love. He realizes he already missed one opportunity with Aniston and doesn't want her to leave again-but how could she stay in a town that once caused her pain?
As Aniston faces her own demons from her past and sifts through old emotions with Arjay, the fate of a teenage girl named Maddie becomes intricately intertwined with the two adults to reveal a much grander plan for everyone involved. While it seemed like it was just coincidence that brought together Aniston and Arjay, the two begin to understand there's a reason they were brought together again