Friday, August 12, 2016

Book Review Day!!!

All I can say is holy cow! I thought after reading a few chapters in that this was going to be more erotica. Then I found myself twisted again as Kiara threw me for yet another heart racing twist. Ghostwriter filled me with unusual romance and thrilling fights for love. Only to find out it was just….. well if I told you then you wouldn’t need to read this book for yourself. Here’s a little bit about the book though:
Devon is a journalist who is offered a job he couldn’t refuse. A chance to ghost write someone else’s life story. Taking the chance, he has no idea what he’s getting into when he meets Nina. A former dancer, her career was ended in a tragic accident on the stage. Then she found out she lost her mother in a car crash on the way to see Nina’s performance.
Nina hides herself away in a rural cottage to recover. Devon tries to open Nina up, falling for her in the process. They battle through Nina’s past, slowly getting the words for the book, he was commissioned to write. However she is so stubborn, she pushes his away. Giving in, he leaves her, mourning her more than another other loss he had encountered before.

My heart truly raced with each passing page. Though some pages made me plush, this tale is nowhere near as risky as I thought it might be. I did, however, find I had to read the earlier half of the book while alone sometimes. This might not be a good choice for ages under 18. As a YA lover, I have to say I liked this NA book a lot. Now go get your copy and see what you’re missing out on! Give the author some love and follow the links below!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Book Review Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Operation Mermaid: Project Kraken
Joseph McGarry paints a beautiful mythical tale with a futuristic twist. Taking us all the way into 2026, we read into this amazing event as a transcript from the government. After a flash across the world, women everywhere are turning into mermaids, and no one can seem to find out why. The transcripts prepared by agents of homeland security. We follow a group of women that the agents sought out when this event happened. The agents test the women and slowly see what they can do.
They discover other mermaids and an old box in a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. Another secret of the government was a project called Kraken. All other evidence of this failed project was destroyed, or so they thought. A doctor working on the project took the project to a new level of evil. The mermaids and homeland security have to work together to keep all of us safe. And I thoroughly enjoyed this story, other than the grammar and spelling errors, would love to get a paperback copy.
Joseph asked for reviewers on a website I frequent and I signed up to review this book. So I want to say thank you to Joseph for giving me the chance to read and admire this gem that might be overlooked on Amazon otherwise. Please follow Joseph McGarry through the links below and show your love of all things books.