Monday, November 28, 2016

Book Review Day: Descriptions of Heaven by Randal Eldon Greene

Indie Reader Approved

A linguist, a lake monster, and the looming shadow of death—news of an unknown creature in the New Bedford Lake coincides with news that Natalia’s cancer has returned.

On the shores of the lake in a strange house with many secret doors, Robert and his family must face the fact that Natalia is dying, and there is no hope this time. But they continue on; their son plays by the lakeside, Natalia paints, Robert writes, and all the while the air is thick with dust from a worldwide drought that threatens to come down and coat their little corner of green.

A lament for what is already lost and what is yet to be lost, Descriptions of Heaven leaves only one question to be asked: What’s next?

Randal Eldon Greene’s short fiction has appeared in VLP Magazine, 34thParallel, as|peers, Unbroken Journal, NPR online, and elsewhere. Greene holds a degree in English and Anthropology from the University of South Dakota. He is a volunteer judge of fiction for Heart & Mind Zine and works full time as a seeing eye human for his blind dog, Missy. Greene lives in Sioux City, Iowa. His typos are tweeted @authorgreene and his website is found at

I got to say, the cover had me thinking one thing, but the back cover gave me something different. So I felt a little confused going into this book. Inside a discovered a short story about a family struggling together. Death is imminent, but too early in some cases. 
Robert, our main character, is living with the doom that looms nearer. Natalia, his wife is riddled with cancer , and just received a terminal diagnosis.  With their son, they simply try to enjoy what time they have left. There are a lot of deep conversations, and harsh but true words. 
All in all, I liked it. I felt that some sentences seemed to run on and on. However it was a more optimistic approach to facing the death of a loved one. I felt as though I was reading a memoir, instead of a my normal fictional tale. So it was a little slow reading for me. I would more likely recomend this to a more mature reader, than someone my age. I do want to say thank you to the author and publishing company. I was given an ARC to read and will be sharing this book with my writers group. It has some awesome technique in it that I would love to share with others!

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