Monday, June 19, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Scott Champlin

Sanford "Scotty" Champlin is a retired police officer that has turned writer. After working the streets for more than 32 years he has put some of his experiences on paper. Scotty, as everyone called him, worked for Mt. Vernon, Indiana Police Department for 22 years and was their Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor and general Instructor, he also led the countywide SWAT team for several years. After leaving Mt. Vernon Scott took the position of Town Marsha of New Harmony, Indiana. A small tourist town in Southern Indiana, New Harmony is a quaint step back into the past. While there Scott's main duties were giving directions to tourists, helping little old ladies with an occasional burglary or drunk with a shotgun. Mt. Vernon sitting on the Ohio River and New Harmony being on the Wabash River, gave Scott plenty of time to be around the water, in his youth he and his friend Mike would build rafts and play Tom Sawyer, when he was older Scott just enjoyed a leisurely paddle in his canoe on the Wabash. Today Scott lives in Iowa and enjoys reading, writing, history, politics, and his dog Murphy. Scott is working on 2 more books, one being the true story of a friend and the hard road he traveled, the other a Historical Fiction set in early 1600 during the founding of America.

Sam has patrolled the streets in McCracken's Bluff for years and thought he could handle anything. Then his friend the District Attorney is murdered and turns Sams peaceful life, upside down. The investigation takes several twists and turns as Sam deals with the quirky people of this small town to try find the killer. Was it a local, or someone from out of town, or Maybe, the horse did it.

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