Monday, June 12, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Larissa Vitt

Larissa Vitt was a child of the 80’s. She joined the United States Army where she graduated top of her class and received distinguished honors upon completing the US army attack helicopter course and spent six years as a crew chief and mechanic.
Science fiction was still in her blood. From the first time she saw the science fiction explosion on the silver screen in the late 70’s and read the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, she was hooked. She had worked several jobs and after not finding an aviation career, the pen called to her.
         When not writing she spends her time painting and tinkering with old cars. These are some of the aspects of her life have found their way into the fabric of her stories. Her ability to see and paint a picture shines through from the beginning.
Today she lives alone with the love of her life in Shawnee Kansas wielding her brushes and painting with words.

His WWII fighter plane was as close as Bob Conner could get, since the times of magic, to dancing among the clouds nestled in the shoulders of his mighty emerald dragon. It has been thousands of with the magic buried deep in the Earth to protect it from mankind. Now the world is changed forever as it has been rediscovered and once again brought to the surface.
   Now that the magic has been released it is up to those few elves and dwarfs that have stayed behind to put things back. With the help of three special women and a small air force of vintage aircraft this courageous group battles the darkness and is the light that ushers in a who new age of magic.

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