Monday, February 13, 2017

Book Review Day: Celine: The Night Touched Chronicles

First of all, just let me say that I am sorry for my absence. I have been very ill, and now that I am back in tip top shape, I am back at the reviews. This post will not disappoint. 
Let me say, I was truly knocked out of my socks people! If you know anything about my reading likes, I have loathed vampires since Twilight. However, my faith has been restored!!! Maegan paints such a beautiful image in your brain as you read until you can't fight sleep. Really! I fell asleep reading this book every day for 4 days!!!!!! It's so easy to get pulled into Harper's world and feel like you are right in the paranormal action. Then wouldn't you know it, love was thrown into the mix, and ripped away just as quickly. I cried, I just cried!!! Maegan really knock this out of the park and I will tell EVERYONE to get this hidden gem of the indie world!!!! Below you will find the goodreads link that you must click and check out! This is well worth the time!!!!!

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