Monday, May 15, 2017

Meet the Author: IABE

Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. Lover of fairy tails and dreams. Hospital worker and business owner. Often referred to as the crazy bird lady

Love doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t come fast. It comes with everything that’s made to destroy the heart and soul. Nikolai is a crippled PI suffering from fibromyalgia and a bad case of brokeitis. On the surface his crass disposition comes off rough, but deep down a loneliness eats at him Ada is hiding from her past, a victim of being pimped out at a young age. Her dream of becoming an artist is cut short by a boss with an evil agenda and creatures trying to attack her in the night. When Ada reaches out to Nikolai for help they soon realize neither of them will have answers if they can’t address their own emotion turmoil. They are thrown into a dark world, but when her life is in danger it’s the mysterious vampire named Steel who saves her. Together they can break a curse hundreds of years old and in the process might just find the love they have been yearning for. Together they make a love triangle between two people no one expected.

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