Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Review Day, Special Edition: King's Lament

After the death of his father, Inea finds himself the unprepared king of a country at war. When his council forsakes him, and he’s thrown into the dungeons of his own castle, Inea manages to escape only with the help of the intriguing stranger Ansyn.

After one year in hiding, Inea, driven by desire, seeks out Ansyn and discovers that there is more to his savior than he could have ever hoped for. Joined by their new ally Kaedon, passion builds, and they find themselves in a romance that helps fuel their plan to reclaim the throne.

Special Release Day Review! Link to buy in comments!

I enjoyed this tale of a man's journey to reclaim his thrown. I was asked to review this ARC and gladly accepted. Though this isn't my normal read, I managed to like this one a little. The setting was laid out in detail throughout the entire book, and the characters left lasting images in my mind. I could almost feel the pain as the pages progressed. Giving me a good overall feeling about recommending this title! 
I did find a few slower places were things felt over-explained. There were also some conversations that felt more modern than medieval, throwing me for a loop, and taking time for me to re-read several pages to understand where the author was going with the book. 
Totally get yourself a copy, everyone deserves a good read now and then, and this one will keep you going from page to page. For more on this author, just click the link below.

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